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Little Leather Library Corporation ** Robert K. Haas History aka Little Luxart Library


Carrying a large selection of Little Leather Library Corporation books in their various formats has led to numerous questions concerning the history of the books as well as their value. We are unable to assign a value due to various points that have to be taken into consideration. However we are happy to give a brief history and some insight into this wonderful publisher.

The Little Leather Library Corporation of New York was founded in 1915 by Albert Boni, Harry Scherman and Maxwell Sackheim. They were initially used as premiums in Whitman’s Sampler. These small 4inch by 3 inch books were perfect for was to become one of the first attempts to mass-market inexpensive books in the United States. This pioneering effort eventually led to the establishment of Book of the Month Club, Modern Library publishing company, which ultimately spawned Random House Publishers as a subsidiary company.

Initially the books were sold individually through retail stores with the Woolworth's chain of retail stores being the largest. The publishers were extremly creative in their marketing of these books from placing them in Whitman's Sampler boxes to redeeming them by sending in X number of Florida Orange Wrappers. There is some indication that single volumes were included as promotional items in cereal boxes as a means of advertising the collection.

The first versions of the Little Leather Library volumes were bound in real leather. By the early 1920's the Little Leather Library was being advertised in popular magazines and sold directly by mail order. The books were advertised on the back covers of Mentor Magazine, Pictorial Review, The Youth's Companion as well as National Geographic magazine ten different months from January 1921 to October 1924. By then the genuine leather covers originally used had been replaced with an early type of imitation leather consisting of latex coated canvas on the outside with flocking on the inside. This change was due to the war effort ( WW1) which needed the leather for helmets etc.

Individual books were sold for 10 cents, sets of 30 books were sold for $2.97 and a set of 100 books was priced at $9.97.

The editions of the Little Leather Library Corporation ( several are illustrated ) are:

Wraps version: Proof( I have only run across one of these)
Wraps Version 2: Proof (these are larger)
Wraps Version 3: Whitman Sampler version included with candies were tan with a
whitmans AD on the last page and some have a list os 30 titles at the end of the book,

Hard Cover: Proof ( Stiff card board boards)
Leather with blind stamped title in various colors.
Tan Leather with abstract floral borders (90 volumes)
Red Leather Set (60 Volumes)
Red Suede Leather Set (60 volumes)
Dark Brown leather (abstract floral border)
Brown stiff textured leather with tan blind stamp
Black leather with blind stamp title (full page Witman's Sampler Candy Ad on last page)
Rough Suede with blind stamp in various colors (60 Volumes each color)
Suede with floral abstract floral border
Various Leather Colors with abstract floral border (60 Volumes)
Red Miniature Library Edition with Gold Blind Stamp (101 Volumes)
Redcroft Edition  Red embossed leatherette ( 101 Volumes)
Redcroft Version 1: Green Leatherette (101 Volumes)
Redcroft Version 2: Deluxe Green/Bronze tinted Leatherette (101 Volumes)
Redcroft Version 3: Deluxe Bronze with Turquoise Wash (101 Volumes)
Redcroft Version 4: Bowman Hotels Edition (101 Volumes)
Redcroft Version 5: Gilt Title on Spine (101 Volumes)
Brown Leatherette Version 1: Matte Finish (101 Volumes)
Brown Leatherette Version 2: Glossy Finish (101 Volumes)
  1. 30 volume set in D.F. Duncan cedar chest

Bible Editions
1.  Matte Brown Covers (30 Volumes)
2.  Glossy brown covers ( 30 volumes)
     2a. D.F. Duncan cedar chest with Glossy 30 volume bible set
2. Deep Bronze with Dark Brown Wash  similar to Deluxe Redcroft Editions (30 Volumes)

Child Health Editions

Green Child Health Set (10 Volumes)
     1a.  10 volumes in a small cardboard box given out by pediatricians to expectant mothers.
Brown Child Health Set (10 Volumes)

The rarest of the Little Leather Library Corp. books are the genuine leather volumes in various colors as well as the tan volumes that were sold through retail outlets.  Followed by Child Health, The holy Bible and the Red Redcroft & Red Miniature Library.

ROBERT K. HAAS formally THE LITTLE LEATHER LIBRARY AKA Little Luxart Library Editions

Red leatherette transitional (first thus) cover is luxart but credited published on title page is Little Leather Library.
Red Leatherette (aka Little Luxart Library )

Brown Glossy Leatherette Version  (30 Volumes)

Bible Editions
Glossy Brown Covers (30 Volumes)

Child Health Editions

Green Child Health Set (10 Volumes)
   1a.  Beautifully i..ustrated gift box with 10 volumes enclosed
Brown Child Health Set (10 Volumes)

Little Leather Library Titles


Not all titles available in all formats.

101 Volumes in Redcroft & Miniature Library Editions - 90 in the original Tan Leather Edition.

Constitution of the League of Nations ** Constitution of the United States of America ** Fifty Best Poems of America ** Fifty Best Poems of England ** Mother Goose Rhymes, Words of Jesus ** Allen, James: As a man Thinketh ** Anderson, Hans: - Fairy Tales ** Balzac, Honore: Christ in Flanders and Other Stories ** Barrie, James: A Tillyloss Scandal ** Browning, Elizabeth: Sonnets From the Portugese ** Browning, Robert: Pippa Passes -- Poems and Plays ** Burns, Robert: The Poems and Songs of Robert Burns ** Burton, Richard F. (translator): Tales From the Arabian Nights, Vol I -- Tales From the Arabian Nights, Vol II ** Carroll, Lewis: Alice In Wonderland -- Through the Looking Glass ** Coleridge, Samuel: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Other Poems ** Dante: Inferno, Vol. I -- Inferno, Vol. II ** De Maupassant, Guy:  Short Stories ** De Quincey, Thomas: Confessions of an Opium Eater Vol I -- Confessions of an Opium Eater Vol II ** Dickens, Charles: A Christmas Carol ** Doyle, Arthur Conan: Sherlock Holmes, A Case of Identity and Scandal in Bohemia ** Drummand, Henry: The Greatest Thing in the World ** Dumas,Alexandre: The Comtesse de Saint-Geran ** Emerson, Ralph Waldo: Essays -- Uses of Great Men ** Fitzgerald (translator): The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam ** Gilbert, W. S.: Bab Ballads ** Hale, Edward: Man Without a Country ** Hubbard, Elbert: A Message to Garcia ** Hugo, Victor: Last Days of a Condemned Man ** Ibsen, Henrik: A Doll's House -- Ghosts ** Irving, Washington: Old Christmas -- Rip Van Winkle ** Kielty, Bernardine:  The side walks of New York (Brown & Brown Deluxe leatherette only) ** Kipling , Rudyard: At the End of the Passage and The Mutiny of the Mavericks -- City Of Dreadful Night and Other Stories -- Barrack Room Ballads -- Finest Story In the World -- Mulvanney Stories --The Man Who Was and Other Stories -- The Mark of the Beast and The Head of the District -- The Phantom Rickshaw and My Own True Ghost Story -- Vampire and Other Verses -- Without Benefit of Clergy ** Lamb, Charles: Dream Children ** Lincoln, Abraham: Speeches and Addresses ** Longfellow. Henry: Evangeline -- Hiawatha, Vol I -- Hiawatha, Vol II __ The Courtship of Miles Standish ** Macaulay,Thomas: Lays of Ancient Rome ** Maeterlinck, Maurice: Pelleas and Melisande ** Merimee, Prosper: Carmen ** Moore, Thomas: Irish Melodies ** Morris, William: A Dream Of John Ball ** Plato: The Trial of Socrates ** Poe, Edgar Allan: The Gold Bug -- The Murders In the Rue Morgue -- The Raven and Other Poems ** Schreiber, Olive: Dreams ** Shakespeare, William: A Comedy of Errors -- As You Like It -- Hamlet -- Julius Caesar -- King Lear -- MacBeth -- Merchant of Venice -- Merry Wives of Windsor -- Midsummer Nights Dream -- Othello -- Romeo and Juliet -- Sonnets -- The Taming of the Shrew -- The Tempest -- Twelfth Night ** Shaw, George Bernard: On Going to Church -- Socialism for Millionaires ** Stevenson, Robert Louis: A Child's Garden of Verses -- The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde -- Will O' the Mill and Markheim ** Tennyson, Alfred: Enoch Arden -- Lancelot and Elaine -- The Coming of Arthur -- The Holy Grail --Idylls of the King ** Thomson, James: City of Dreadful Night ** Thoreau, Henry: Friendship and Other Essays ** Tolstoi, Leo: The Bear Hunt and Other Stories ** Turgenev, Ivan: Mumu -- The Jew ** Washington, George: Speeches and Letters ** Whitman, Walt: Memories of President Lincoln ** Whittier, John Greenleaf: Snowbound and Other Poems ** Wilde, Oscar: Ballad of Reading Gaol and Other Poems -- Lady Windermere's Fan -- Salome -- The Happy Prince -- The Importance of Being Earnest ** Yeats, William: Land of Hearts Desire

Holy Bible - 30 Volume Set


The Little Leather Library Bible is a 30-volume set, covered in bronze/brown (deluxe) and dark brown  embossed leatherette published in March of 1924.    They were offered via direct mail and were advertised in the back pages of the green Redcroft Editions before the Little Leather Library Corporation was purchased by Robert K. Haas, Inc. around October of 1924.


I: The Holy Bible-the First Book Of Moses Called Genesis
II: The Holy Bible Vol. II the First Book Of Moses Called Genesis
(continued) III: The Holy Bible-ExodusIV: The Holy Bible-Leviticus & Numbers
V: The Holy Bible-Numbers (con't)
VI: The Holy Bible-Deuteronomy & Joshua
VII: The Holy Bible-Joshua & Judges
VIII: The Holy Bible-Judges (continued), Ruth
IX: The Holy Bible-Samuel
X: The Holy Bible-Samuel I & II
XI: The Holy Bible-The First Book of Kings
XII: The Holy Bible-Kings I & II
XIII: The Holy Bible-Chronicles I & II
XIV: The Holy Bible-Chronicles (con't) XV: The Holy Bible-Ezra & Nehemiah & Esther
XVI: The Holy Bible-Job
XVII: The Holy Bible-Psalms
XVIII: The Holy Bible-Psalms (con't) & Proverbs
XIX: The Holy Bible-Ecclesiastes, Solomon & Isaiah
XX: The Holy Bible-Jeremiah
XXI: The Holy Bible-Lamentations of Jeremiah & the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel ( con’t)
XXII: The Holy Bible-Daniel; Malachi


XXIV: The Holy Bible-St. Mark
XXV: The Holy Bible-St. Luke
XXVI: The Holy Bible-St. John
XXVII: The Holy Bible-Acts of the Apostles
XXVIII: The Holy Bible-The Epistle of Paul, the Apostle to the Romans
XXIX: The Holy Bible-Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament
XXX: The Holy Bible-Peter & Revelation

Child Health Library - 10-volume Set


The Child Health Library is a 10-volume set, covered in either brown or light sea green with a darker green wash , embossed leatherette , published by the Robert K. Haas, Inc., and copyrighted in 1924.

Titles for the Child Health Library include:

I. Pre-Natal Care and the Baby's Birth
II. Babies - Their Feeding and Care
III. The Neglected Age - The Child from Two to Six
IV. Dangers of the School Age
V. Communicable Diseases of Childhood
VI. Hygiene of the Mouth and Teeth
VII. What Children of Various Ages Should Eat
VIII. How Children Ought to Grow
IX. Psychology of the Child
X. Educational Problems

Little Luxart Library by Robert K. Haas - 30 Volume Set


The “Bab” Ballards – Barrack Room Ballads - W. S. Gilbert
Enoch Arden – Alfred Lord Tennyson
Courtship of Miles Standish – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Short Stories – Guy De Maupassant
Dreams – Olive Schreiber
The Ancient Mariner – Samuel T Coleridge
Lays of Ancient Rome – Thomas Babington Macaulay
Friendship and Other Essays – Henry David Thoreau
Essays – Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Will o' the Mill and Markheim - Robert Louis Stevenson
The Happy Prince and Other Tales – Ballad of Reading Gaol and Other Poems - Salome: A Tragedy in One Act - Oscar Wilde
The Gold-Bug – Edgar Allan Poe
Fifty Best Poems of America – Fifty Best Poems of England - Various Poets
The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, with an essay on Omar Khayyam – Edward Fitzgerald (translator)
Poems – Robert Browning
Midsummer Night’s Dream – Tempest - William Shakespeare
The Coming of Arthur – Alfred Tennyson
Speeches and Addresses of Abraham Lincoln - Abraham Lincoln
The Man Without A Country – Edward Everett Hale
Sherlock Holmes – Sir A. Conan Doyle
The Greatest Thing in the World – Henry Drummond
Poems and Songs of Robert Burns - Robert Burns
Speeches and Letters of George Washington - George Washington
A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens (red or brown copy with set)



Abraham Lincoln
Elephants on Books
Monk Polychrome
Monk Bronze
Hammered Copper Flower
Praying Hands
Ten Commandments

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