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The Destroyer Sinanju Series

Destoyer Series by Warren Murphy & Richard Sapir

Destroyer Series by Warren Murphy & Richard Sapir The Destroyer Series with over 130 books is full of laugh-out-loud political satire and social commentary which has been translated into several languages. Nothing is sacred not politicians, politics, other adventure novels, religion, or sex. The Destroyer Series has spawned a Movie Remo Williams, the Adventure begins which inspired the book by the same title, a TV episode, and a series of comics and posters.

. Throughout history, the North Korean, seaside village of Sinanju has supplied the world's great leaders with assassins. The art of Sinanju is the "true" martial art - all others are mere shadows. There is only one Master of Sinanju per generation (Sinanju being the name of the village and the martial art.) From the time of the Pharaohs they have been the most feared assassins in the world. A master can hold his breath over an hour, rip steel doors from their hinges, dodge bullets, overturn a moving tank, outrun a car, seem invincible and only means of financial support for the village of Sinanju.

When non-violent means fail to save the U.S. from corruption, greed, and crime The current MOS (Master of Sinanju) is hired by a covert agency (CURE) of the U.S. Government. Since Sinanju has always worked for kings and emperors, Chiun (the current MOS), calls the head of CURE Emperor. Emperor Smith has had Chiun train a white, ungrateful, American as the next MOS.

This wonderful series seems to attract truly wonderful individuals generous of heart and spirit. Two of these are Geof Darrow, an incredibly talented author and artist and Graham Malone of New Zealand who last I heard was working on writing childrenís books.

Have a Sinanju Day

Book Titles

Assassinís Handbook, Inside Sinanju, Remo Williams the Adventure Begins, 1 Created The Destroyer, 2 Death Check, 3 Chinese Puzzle, 4 Mafia Fix, 5 Dr. Quake, 6 Death Therapy, 7 Union Bust, 8 Summit Chase, 9 Murder's Shield, 10 Terror Squad, 11 Kill or Cure, 12 Slave Safari, 13 Acid Rock, 14 Judgment Day, 15 Murder Ward, 16 Oil Slick, 17 Last War Dance, 18 Funny Money, 19 Holy Terror, 20 Assassins Playoff, 21 Deadly Seeds, 22 Brain Drain, 23 Child's Play, 24 King's Curse, 25 Sweet Dreams, 26 In Enemy Hands, 27 The Last Temple, 28 Ship of Death 29 The Final Death, 30 Mugger Blood, 31 The Head Men, 32 Killer Chromosomes, 33 Voodoo Die, 34 Chained Reaction, 35 Last Call, 36 Power Play 37 Bottom Line, 38 Bay City Blast, 39 Missing Link, 40 Dangerous Games, 41 Firing Line, 42 Timberline, 43Midnight Man, 44 Balance of Power, 45 Spoils of War, 46 Next of Kin, 47 Dying Space, 48 Profit Motive, 49 Skin Deep, 50 Killing Time, 51 Shock Value, 52 Fools Gold, 53 Time Trial, 54 Last Drop, 55 Masterís Challenge, 56 Encounter Group, 57 Date with Death, 58 Total Recall, 59 The Arms of Kali, 60 The End of the Game, 61 Lords of the Earth, 62 The Seventh Stone, 63 The Sky is Falling, 64 The Last Alchemist, 65 Lost Yesterday, 66 Sue Me, 67Look Into My Eyes, 68 An Old-Fashioned War, 69 Blood Ties, 70 The Eleventh Hour, 71 Return Engagement, 72 Sole Survivor, 73 Line of Succession, 74 Walking Wounded, 75 Rain of Terror, 76 The Final Crusade 77 Coin of the Realm, 78 Blue Smoke and Mirrors, 79 Shooting Schedule, 80Death Sentence, 81 Hostile Takeover, 82 Survival Course, 83 Skull Duggery, 84 Ground Zero, 85 Blood Lust, 86 Arabian Nightmare, 87 The Ultimate Death, 88 The Ultimate Death,89 Dark Horse. 90 Ghost In The Machine, 91 Cold Warrior, 92 The Last Dragon, 93 Terminal Transmission, 94 Feeding Frenzy, 95 High Priestess, 96 Infernal Revenue, 97 Identity Crisis, 98 Target of Opportunity, 99 The Color of Fear, 100 Last Rites, 101 Bidding War, 102 Unite and Conquer, 103 Engines of Destruction, 104 Angry White Mailmen, 105 Scorched Earth, 106 White Water, 107 Feast or Famine, 108 Bamboo Dragon, 109 American Obsession, 110 Never Say Die, 111 Profit of Doom, 112 Brain Storm, 113 The End of the Beginning, 114 Failing Marks, 115 Misfortune Teller, 116 The Final Reel, 117 Deadly Genes, 118 Killer Watts, 119 Fade To Black, 120 The Last Monarch, 121 A Pound of Prevention, 122 Syndication Rites, 123 Disloyal Opposition, 124 By Eminent Domain, 125 The Wrong Stuff, 126 Air Raid, 127 Market Force, 128 The End of the Beginning, 129 Father to Son, 130 Waste Not, Want Not

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